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We are the founder and the lead designers at

We are here for you to bring the very best DJ designs of selective designer’s so you don't have to search thru millions of products to find the best. These designers specialize in creating unique designs through digital photography, graphic design and illustrative techniques.

We try to meet your business or personal needs by updating our website with freshly designed products everyday.

Q: How do I personalize/customize the products (change color, text, etc..?

A: When you select one of the designs, it will open in a new window. By clicking the “CUSTOMIZE IT” button, you can start personalizing/customizing the product. A variety of font styles and colors are available. You can also add your image too. If you can’t find the design you want, you can also create a design from scratch by clicking the “CREATE YOUR OWN” button on products page.

Customize It
  • A preview of the current text is located next to the yellow post-it icon at the top left of the text module.
  • Change the text or image by clicking the "Change text" or “Change image” link in the upper right part of the text module.
  • Delete the text or image by clicking the X button in the upper right part of the text module
  • Drag the text or image module up or down by clicking and dragging on the textured grip area in the upper left corner of the text/image module. This is useful for changing the layer order if you have multiple objects.
  • The Options Toolbar contains controls for changing the appearance of your text
    • Change the font by clicking the "f" icon
    • Change the size by editing the font size or clicking the font size dropdown to select a specific size.
    • Change the color by clicking the color icon.
    • Change text alignment by clicking on the alignment icon.
    • Rotate text or image 90 degrees clockwise by clicking the rotate icon.
    • Shrink your image by clicking the magnifying glass icon with the minus sign.
    • Enlarge your image by clicking the magnifying glass icon with the plus sign.
    • To make your image fill the available space, click the fill icon.
    • To make your image fit inside the available space, click the fit icon.

Q: I need a specific customization on the product that I want to buy, who should I contact?

A: When you click on the design/product you want to customize, it will open in a new window.

In that window you will see “ASK THIS DESIGNER” tab, by clicking this you can get in touch with the designer of the product and describe what you want in terms of your customization.

Contact Designer

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about my order?

A: Please check; for your questions regarding your order.

Q: How much are shipping charges and can I get information about return policy?

A: For shipping rates and return policy please click

Q: What are the current promotions / sale items?

A: See the coupon page for sale items right now!

Still have more questions? Just contact us!

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